The Future Is a Real-Life Tron Bike

Gizmodo's Home of the Future is full of items that will help you get around today that seem like they're from tomorrow. Motorized longboards? Check. Murdered-out bikes with USB ports? Check. An actual street legal Tron bike? Check, check, mother loving check.


Maybe you know Mott Street Customs bikes. Maybe you know Revolights. But you have never seen this bike before—it's the love child of the two, a custom bike with light-wrapped wheels that looks straight out of the future. The bike's integrated LEDs wrap around the wheels and light up as they turn, blazing 360 degree visibility for drivers and pedestrians. That means fewer accidents, but it looks cool as hell, too. "It's like Tron in the streets," were the exact words Mott Street Customs co-owner Cory Ng told us when he dropped it off to Gizmodo HQ earlier this week.

Now, you can't buy this bike right now. But MSC will be making them for purchase this fall. And in the meantime, you can stop by Gizmodo's Home of the Future to check it out.

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The Basics

Dates: 05/17/2014–05/21/2014

Location: 268 Mulberry Street, near Houston Street in SoHo. Nearest subway: Broadway-Lafayette.


Hours: 11:00 am to late. The Gizmodo gang will be working on-site all week—with super-fast wifi, on snazzy furniture—and we'll be hosting events every night. Check back for more information on how to RSVP.

Cost: Free!

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Fixed that for you

edit: To be fair, after some digging I found this on Revolights' site and that does look pretty awesome.