We knew that cheap airlines cut as many costs as possible while increasing passenger density. The clever clusterfuck you are seeing here—a plane with staggered side seats—may be the future of flying, only one step below standing up.


It's good to know that British company Design Q—who created the successful first class seats for Virgin Atlantic—has time to think about the rest of us, the air cattle. According to the company, the configuration "shows a generous gap between each of the seats, which could be reduced, but the centre seats are staggered to coincide with the gaps on the outboard seats."

It seems to offer more leg room than normal seats, but this doesn't look comfortable at all, even if it's only for short-distance flights. Then again—like Runway Girl Mary Kirby points out—if these kind of side seats are good enough for the military, why not for the rest of us?

Do you agree? Would you travel like this only to pay a bit less? Isn't flying cheap enough already? I know I won't do it myself. Tell us what you think in the comments. [Runway Girl]


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