The US Navy is finally deploying giant lasers

Oh baby. The US Navy is saying a prototype of the solid state Laser Weapons System (LaWS) is ready for deployment. This summer in the Persian Sea, the USS Ponce will be outfitted with lasers that can shoot down aerial drones, speedboats and swarm boats that are miles away. It's going to be Star Wars in the open sea.

It's a big leap forward not only because of the pew pew-aspect but because it'll save, excuse me, boat loads of money. The lasers only need 30 kilowatts of energy and one sailor to operate it. Compare that to today, where Discover Magazine says current weaponry cost about $1.4 million a shot.


Lasers don't work well when it's rainy or dusty or cloudy but here's some test footage that we've previously seen of the LaWS. It shows a drone burning up from the power of lasers:

And like the top image, here is the laser when it was set up as a "technology demonstrator":


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