With every passing week there comes scores of losers, those who are only a shadow of their former selves, trying to salvage success of better days. In contrast, there can only be one that triumphs. To see those who didn't/did leave the gadget battlefield with their self worth in place, jump in.

+ Apple

Apple went official with the planned release date for Leopard OS X. The promise of the new OS has Mac fanboys in a frenzy because not only will the Leopard probably work quite well, it also looks like it packs in some handy features. From what has been seen it shall be more of an evolution than a revolution, but a welcomed evolution nonetheless. With the disappointment of Vista's half baked finish, Apple is looking sharp on pointing out the failings of the competition. Call us fanboys, but we think Leopard will do wonders for Apple, as well as for us.


- Copyright Board of Canada

The Copyright Board of Canada has plans to charge a tax on legal music downloads, to off set the inadvertent cost of piracy. We think it is lame. In fact, we think the board has some pretty stupid policies in place aimed at squeezing cash out of our neighbors. For that reason, The Copyright Board of Canada sucks its way to losing position.


= Kotaku

Kotaku is sitting as the non-shaker this week. Sure, Kotaku may have fallen to the might of Gizmodo in the epic Halo 3 Tournament, but who could have overseen that brute force? Besides, Kotaku is still the best goddamn videogame blog out there. Kotaku, we salute you.