What's New-New in Mac OS X Leopard's 300+ Feature List

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Click to viewNow you you about Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard launch details, it's time to dive into that list of 300+ features and point out the functions I think we've never seen before today, not even at WWDC 06/07 keynotes:


•Mail's Post-It-style notes synchronize automatically with the iPhone.

•Address Book now synchronizes with Yahoo.

•Finder Path Bar: "See the path of a file when you view it in the Finder. Just choose Show Path Bar from the View menu and the path is visible at the bottom of the Finder window. You can also drag files to any location in the Path Bar."

•Preview has more editing power: "Crop, rotate, resize, and save images in a range of image formats. Selection tools make it a snap to cut and paste images from Preview directly into other applications."

•Sync Dashboard widgets across Macs using .mac.

•Automator has a cool looking UI recorder and playback, along with an improved interface.

•Boot Camp is now official, complete with Microsoft WHCL-Certified Windows Drivers. (And an uninstall mode.)

•Another expected feature is Web Clip in Dashboard. No sign of iPhone integration, however.

•The new-look dock is now spring-loaded. This means that you can drag an image over iPhoto, press the space bar and, once iPhoto is opened, you'll keep dragging the image to the desired folder.

•You can now have the dock synched in many Macs (this requires a .Mac account.)

•A welcome addition to early-morning Giz editors: a Japanese-English dictionary (not a translator, but in the Dictionary application.) Too bad they haven't included Spanish, French, Swedish or any other language but those two.

•DVD Player now comes with auto zoom, to box your movies correctly.

•Apple says that DVD Player has now higher quality video thanks to "Adaptive Video Analyzation technology that applies deinterlacing and inverse 3:2 pulldown on demand."

•Apart from all its well-known interface improvements, the Finder now includes precise grid control for icons and a one-click way to make all folder views look the same.

•I like the printable font book pages now, but just because I'm a font addict.

•Front Row will stream iTunes content from any Mac around the house, and do DVD playback.

•iCal has received a lot of new features, like inline editing of events, sharing of meeting materials in an event dropbox, and CalDAV group scheduling.

•Beyond the iChat Theater and all the screen sharing capabilities, iChat has also received a lot of small improvements, including a very-welcomed File Transfer Manager and persistent chat windows (at last.)

•iChat Watch for My Name...Receive an alert when someone calls your name in a group chat. And

never miss a comment directed to you.

•iChat Watch for My Name...Receive an alert when someone calls your name in a group chat. And

never miss a comment directed to you.

•iChat mpeg4 recording of video chats. (Warns the other party first.)

•iChat: Invisible mode and multiple logins for .mac/AIM, Google or Jabber.

•Instant Screen Sharing from the Finder. "Start an interactive screen sharing session with other Macs on your network. Just select the Mac from your sidebar and (if authorized) you can see and control the Mac as if you were right in front of it."

•Image applications will be able now to import photos from 802.11- and Bluetooth-enabled cameras.

• Self-Tuning TCP promises "optimum application performance, especially in high-bandwidth/high-latency environments."

•Photo Booth comes now with a burst mode, so you can record four-photo successive shots as GIFs. The objective: to annoy everyone in iChat with your moving buddy image. Photobooth also records videos.

•Live partition resizing

•Wirelessly import images from many 802.11-enabled digital cameras and Bluetooth devices.

•Application Binding. Assign an application to a specific space. Anytime you run that application, it will open in its assigned space.

•Spotlight works as a simple calculator now.

•GPS geotagging info supported in Preview.

•iLife Media Browser

•Airport shows which networks are secure.

Can you find any other cool feature in Leopard that you didn't know about that'll make your life easier? Post it in the comments. [Leopard]


sammy baby

Isn't this the MAC OS version thatn won't run on older MACs because of piss poor performance?

I wonder if MAC addicts will wait for SP1 before using it.

Would anyone complain that it is just a cosmetic upgrade with eye candy with no real value over the previous version?

I probably won't wait, but I have a new MBP.

Regarding performance: I had a Titanium PowerBook when 10.3 came out. The laptop had come installed with 10.2, so I was a little worried about what 10.3 would do to my performance. I was pretty shocked to discover that it ran noticably faster, in pretty much every respect.

Given that, I'm not at all surprised to see a report like Toastercookie's above about the relative speed of the OS getting faster. I know that the system requirements must logically be getting steeper, but when I moved from 10.2 to 10.3 it got faster, and it didn't get any worse moving to 10.4. I'm really looking forward to 10.5.