The Gadgets We Want

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We're only into the second week of the year, but already we've seen thousands of gadgets and gizmos announced, thanks to CES. But what to splurge on? Hopefully our choices this year will help you out in your buying quandaries.

2010 promises to be a big year for launches, with 3DTV, tablets and ereaders expected to be stocked on Walmart's shelves faster than yesterday's old CRTs are thrown onto the street. After scratching our heads this week, we think we've all worked out exactly what we're going to be spending our hard earned notes on this year—but we're very interested in what you're going to buy, too. Let us know if you've got similar taste to us, or want something different from the gadget fairy this year.

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Evan, How Dare you Sir!

I want a briefcase that transforms into a flying car that drives itself, gives me a shower, brushes my teeth, and changes my clothes all while allowing me to talk to my boss on speaker before dumping me onto a sliding conveyor belt then turning back into a briefcase.