The Galaxy Tab Meets Its Air Pistol Executioner

Illustration for article titled The Galaxy Tab Meets Its Air Pistol Executioner

One of the strengths—literally—of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is its Gorilla Glass display. It's tough stuff, no doubt, but can it stand up to a close-range air pistol firing squad? And would you even want it to?


As you can see, the Tab's performance against three steel bullets is exemplary. And just in case you think it's the wimpy air pistol's fault, here's how a thick Coke glass fares:

So! Even if the Tab sends you into a fit of unholy rage, it'll stand up to the firing squad just fine. Gorilla Glass: great for resale value, horrible for catharsis. [Android Community via SlashGear]


George Stobbart

1) there is a screen protector on it.. so this isn't scientific at all.

2) the dude has really gross thumbnails

3) the idiot didn't seal the c02 cartridge completely

4) there is no proof that he even hit the samsung in the first place (no ricochet or anything)