The Gizmodo Guide to Green Luxury Wants You to Get Out

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With the help of BMW i, we're proud to present the Gizmodo Guide to Green Luxury. Last week featured fabulous ways to turn your humble home into a green mansion. For our final installment we're looking at environmentally-conscious ways to keep you healthy and active. Below you'll learn how to exercise "green" tips for luxury camping, and meet a host of go-to gadgets that will help make your eco-activities relaxing, ravishing, and responsible.

Look Good, Do Good

Exercising takes a lot of physical energy, but it shouldn't deplete the earth's resources as well. The following activities will keep you toned and taught without any negative environmental impact.

  • Whether you're planning to flaunt your beach bod on the Riviera or you just want to walk around in your underpants without sending your spouse into hysterics, it's probably time to hit the gym. The Greenasium in San Diego offers personal trainers, towel service, and spin classes that are almost completely powered by the thighs of its members. Using PlugOut Cycles and Cross-Trainers—workout machines equipped with generators—the Greenasium harnesses the kinetic energy of its users, and converts it into electricity for the facility.
  • If you want to live in the lap of luxury, you might want to invest in a lap-pool of luxury. But maintaining a pool requires a ton of energy and a horrifying number of chemicals, which is why The Eco-Smart series of Green Pool Equipment from KB Custom Pools uses methods like solar heat and a special custom Ozonator to create an efficient, soothing, and relaxing escape, right in your backyard.
  • We all know that if you want to be fancy, then you have to play golf. Golf-lover and fancy celebrity Justin Timberlake recently made a huge financial investment in the course he played on as a child in Tennessee. Mirimichi is now one of the only greens in the country with facilities exclusively committed to natural resource development through minimal pesticide use and animal habitat preservation.

Green Glamping 101

Want to experience all the advantages of a pristine natural environment without actually having to go native? Camping doesn't have to be a grimy affair, as proven by the glamorously green accommodations below.

  • There is something decidedly unsexy about the word "yurt," yet La Pomme Perdue camp in the south of France hardly lacks in romantic appeal. Each handcrafted wood and canvas structure is furnished with solar-powered lanterns and a sumptuous king-sized bed so guests can fall gently to sleep under the open night sky.
  • Upon arrival to the Eco-pod domes in lush western Scotland, guests are treated with a welcome basket full of seasonal local delicacies, which can include hand-dived Loch Linnhe scallops, malt whiskey, and fine chocolates. After indulging, they can retire to one of three geodesic domes, cuddle up around the wood-burning stove, and watch the sun set in full panoramic view. Buckminster Fuller never had it so good.
  • Luxury isn't necessarily the first word one might associate with the Lone Star state (neither is eco-friendly, for that matter), yet Sinya on Lone Man Creek, a giant modified safari tent in Wimberley, TX, is a paradisiacal enclave that feels a long way away from the dusty oil fields. The tent's canvas sides allow for a cool breeze to circulate throughout, keeping the elegantly outfitted rooms temperate even on the hottest days, minimizing the need for air conditioning. Plus the ground's lush plant life is all hydrated with the camp's recycled gray water—a.k.a. runoff from shower and kitchen facilities—which leaves everything green and clean.

Go Go Green Gadgets

Luxe gadgets and tech accessories are essential elements for making a trip into the wild feel not so, well, wild. So if you're taking an eco-cruise through the Everglades or glamping in the Redwoods, it's best to be prepared with the most cutting-edge accoutrements.

  • Nothing says privilege like carrying around your own personal stash of something precious—especially if what you're hoarding is fresh air. Hopefully these personal air filters won't be necessary until after the apocalypse, but in the meantime, you can breathe easy knowing you're not inhaling the same stuff as the hoi polloi.
  • Luxury? You want to talk luxury? Luxury is taking the whole family on a fabulous wilderness adventure, and not having to listen to your kid screaming from the back of the W.V.O.-fueled R.V. on your drive to Marin Country. Peace and quiet can be yours if you remember to pack this portable, solar-powered mp3/video player that also includes a game simulator compatible with NES/GB/GBC/SEGA.
  • If you've been following our advice over the past couple of weeks, then you are probably now in possession of a few fancy solar-powered gadgets. But how will you ever be able to tell when the sun is prime for absorption without exposing your delicate, pampered skin to harsh U.V. rays? The U.V. Monkey keyring from Think Geek might seem like a goofy incidental, but the small solar gauge quickly works to let you know when to charge up your expensive devices.

Well, that's it for the Gizmodo Guide to Green Luxury. Head here and here to see all of the environmentally-conscious luxury products, adventures, and design solutions we've brought you over the past few weeks. And to experience the pinnacle of innovative, responsible comfort, check out everything that is BMW i.


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