The Gizmodo Winter Survival Guide Will Keep You in Thaw

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Yeah, yeah, yeah. Winter frost bites, we know. But unless you're some sort of cold-impervious superhuman like red-blooded man-icicle Wim Hof (featured above), or willing to be an ex-pat in a hippy-filled, sub-tropic border town (ew), it's a thing you're going to have to deal with from time to time. Hence the Gizmodo Winter Survival Guide, brought to you by the toughest winter warriors out there, our friends at Columbia. We've been rounding up the top tech items needed to get you through the impending frigid months, so head below to get prepared.

Save the Iced Coffee for Summer

This double-insulated, stainless steel travel mug heats up by plugging into either a USB or 12V port. So while the risk of spilling scalding hot coffee on your computer or your lap while driving is a very real possibility, at least you'll be cozy while doing it!


Warmth From Within

Speaking of warming chilly cars, the Car Interior Preheater for Hammacher toasts up your ride before you even get your key in the ignition. Using a remote control that works up to 200' away, the heater thaws your interior and defrosts your windows—so that when you finally shovel your car out of that giant snow bank, it'll be ready to go.

Proceed With Caution

Just cause it's winter, doesn't mean you have to give up the pedal power. Using a couple of cheap items from your local hardware store, you can assemble some very effective and super-helpful tire chains for your bike. Just make sure you bundle up, ‘cause seriously, what kind of crazy person bikes in the middle of winter?


Rule the Slopes

Is your winter not feeling eXtreme enough? Are you too lazy to outfit your bike with snow chains? This gas-powered snowboard is part snowmobile, part scooter and 100% recipe for ridiculous cold weather antics. Outfit yourself in some absurd 80's shades and do your best impression of John Cusack's nemesis in Better Off Dead.

Heat in Your Hand

Featuring a perfect trifecta of cold-killing technologies, Columbia's Bugaglove keeps your hands warm, dry and nimble. Combining Omni-Heat Electric with an Outdry membrane to deflect water, wearers can face the elements knowing they're protected. The only drawback? With your hands so cozily warm, it's very hard to form snowballs.


So go forth little snowmen (and women) and embrace the wintery chill. Before long the sun will be back and all will be right in the world…and if not there is always Omni-Heat Electric. Head to Columbia for tons more ways to survive this season.