The Gizmondo Story From Top to Tails

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The Times has written up an excellent chronology of the whole Gizmondo mess, which tells the tale of dot-com excesses, foolish businessmen, and greed. Great stuff.

Not to be a douche, but we always said Gizmondo was doomed. There was just something not quite right about that company—their hubris, their lackluster product, their inability to deliver on anything, ever. The resulting crash, both literally and figuratively, made it abundantly clear Gizmondo was rotten to the core. Take this little tid-bit, for example:

Now, little more than 12 months after the Gizmondo console was launched at a party at the Park Lane hotel in London — where stars such as Sting, Dannii Minogue and Busta Rhymes were paraded in front of guests — Freer's company is in liquidation, having burnt its way through £160m in 18 months.


Mmmm... that's some good burn rate.

The firm that blew it all in two years [TimesOnline]

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