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The Government Will Pay Doctors $44,000 to Use an iPad

The Obama administration strongly desires that all medical records be electronic. There's a much-lauded app called drchrono for the iPad which can make that transition happen. Logically, the government will toss up to $44,000 to any doctor willing to use it.


TheNextWeb says that doctors who use the drchrono app, which has been certified for 'meaningful use', would receive government contributions over a period of five years. In addition to logging medical records, drchrono can also translate speech to text, handle photos and videos, send out bills to patients and insurance companies and send prescriptions to pharmacies.

according to paperless medical records could save $80 billion a year, which explains why the government is willing to spend $19.2 billion on jumpstarting the transition. [TheNextWeb]

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Anybody else here fed up with Obama's spending habits?