The Grand Canyon Is About to Get Google Street View

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A team of Google employees is currently hiking through the Grand Canyon collecting the images for what will eventually become a Google Street View map of the park. (Man, working at Google sounds terrible.) The panoramic photos for the map are being collected using that funny-looking Street View camera mounted on the human being above. Google first showed off the "Trekker" packs back at Google I/O in June. The Trekker syncs up with an Android phone and automatically snaps photos as you mosey down the trail. It's nice to see the tech being put to good use. According to Google, Street View for the Grand Canyon should be available soon. [Google via Mashable]


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Thats fantastic!

With all these wicked locations getting street view, google is saving me a lot of money on trips i would have gone on otherwise. I've already seen the south pole on my HD screen, and now the grand canyon. 2 places i won't need to visit in real life any more.

Hopefully they'll do the amazon jungle and the himalayas next.

Oh, and a complete walkthrough of the silk route would be nice.