The Great BlackBerry PlayBook Firesale Might Be Around the Corner

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There was some smoke earlier today when word hit that Best Buy's maybe pulling the plug on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and now we have the makings of a fire(sale). The Verge is reporting that RIM employees can now buy the PlayBook at steep, oh-god-please-take-it discounts.

The reported prices are $100 for the 16GB edition, $150 for the 32GB, and $200 for the 64GB model. That's on top of the already-huge cuts from the original what-world-are-you-living-in-clearly-one-with-lots-of-drugs $500, $600, and $700 prices, respectively.


Will these cut-rate prices eventually make it to consumers? No indications that they will, at this point, although it's worth nothing that employee-only availability was a regular occurrence during the HP TouchPad firesale rodeo. HP's version, of course, led to a Running of the Cheapasses (yours truly included) in a rush for the $99 TouchPads. But while the PlayBook's similarly over-specced for this pricepoint, it's also kind of deeply flawed, so it will be interesting to see if a full-on PlayBook firesale would get folks quite as excited with the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet out there now. What do you guys think? [The Verge]


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I'd probably pull the trigger for $100. At that price, it just needs to access the internet.