The Greatest Monster-Hunting Comic Of All Time Is Becoming A TV Series

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Midnight, Mass, the amazing Vertigo comic about a husband-and-wife team of monster hunters who recruit a new asssistant, is finally getting the adaptation it deserves: as a TV series for NBC. Please let it live up to the comic's brilliance.

Midnight, Mass consisted of one short-lived comic series, followed by a miniseries, about Adam and Julia Kadmon, who solve supernatural mysteries. They come from a long line of monster hunters, and there's lots of amazing backstory about the Kadmon family. But best of all, the Kadmons' relationship feels like a real marriage, and they lack the insipid Moonlighting-esque banter you tend to see in so many male-female investigator teams. (Here's hoping it stays that way in the TV series.) They live in the town of Midnight, Massachusetts (hence the name) which has an evil forest that nobody ever comes out of alive. And monsters are everywhere, but we start to see the monsters as real people, who wish they could live among humans and have normal lives — except the Kadmons won't let them.

The comic was written by John Rozum, whose other great contribution to comics was Xombi, the Milestone series about a man who can't die (thanks to nanotechnology) and finds himself entering a bizarre supernatural world as a result.


Apparently the TV show will be called simply Midnight, and it's being produced by Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts, of Pushing Daisies.

As Rozum points out on his blog, this is actually the second attempt at a Midnight, Mass TV series. Mostly, I'm hoping that this new TV series means we might get more issues of the comic at some point — and trade paperback collections of the first two series would be nice, as well. I read the comics when they came out, and I have a sinking feeling I'm missing some issues. As it is, Midnight, Mass doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry, which seems unfair. Oh, and TV industry? Please try not to do to Midnight, Mass what you just did to fellow Vertigo classic Human Target. [THR]