The Greek gods play a wacky game to decide who will rule Olympus

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When Max fills out an online personality test as a goof, the worst thing he expects to get is a computer virus. He doesn't expect Hades, Greek god of the underworld, to show up in his living room—and he certainly expect Hades to be purple-skinned and four feet tall. Now Max is caught up in Olympus Overdrive's bizarre contest between the gods, a contest to decide who will wear the Olympian crown.


Writer and artist Milky's (sometimes credited as milkydayy) Olympus Overdrive is a fun goof of a webcomic with bits animation (like Homestuck and Ava's Demon) and an irreverent attitude toward Greek mythology. It seems that the gods of Olympus have grown weary of Zeus' rule and, to prevent an uprising, Zeus designed a contest to determine who would sit on the throne. Each god is paired up with a mortal, and from sundown to sunrise, each god-mortal pair is connected by a chain and if the chain is broken, they're out of the game.

Each deity is also "rebooted," giving them an entirely new look (and in some cases, a different physical sex). When Hades shows up, he looks like a purple middle-schooler with giant horns and a bad attitude, trailed by Cerberus, a three-headed pup with flatscreen TVs for faces. At first, Max is horrified by Hades and their involvement in the game, but he eventually warms up to the pipsqueak and decides he'll help him try to win it all. But they'll have to deal with the likes of Eris, Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades' own wife, Persephone.

Olympus Overdrive is a hyperactive story, occasionally delving into visual novel-style dialogues (complete with music) and plenty of manga parodies. But Milky also shows some thoughtfulness in his use of classical visuals (Zeus' animated guide to the game is especially inspired) and his sometimes heartfelt rewriting of Greek mythology. In the end, the question won't just be "Who will win the contest?" but "Who do we want to win?"

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I've been following this comic for a few weeks now. Its art direction and writing is generally female-oriented, but i'm still really enjoying it. Check it out! Poseidon just found "her" mortal!