The Green Knight's New Trailer Is a Gorgeously Dark Fantasy Epic

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Gawain goes out to meet his fate.
Gawain goes out to meet his fate.
Screenshot: A24

We’ve been waiting for what feels like much longer than one year hence—thanks to a pesky global pandemic—for David Lowery’s The Green Knight. Now, it’s finally nearly here, and it’s still looking amazing.

Starring Dev Patel as Sir Gawain, The Green Knight follows the Arthurian court of legend as they are confronted in a mysterious challenge by the titular Green Knight (Ralph Ineson). Seemingly undefeatable in combat and promising to return after Gawain promptly chopped his head off a year prior, the young warrior now has to ride out and face his destiny in battle once more.

It looks like a great twist on the legendary tale of honor, but we’re here for just how sumptuous Lowery has made this quest. There’s some truly gorgeous stuff in here, including Gawain finding an entire herd of giant, roaming humanoid monoliths, trippy starfields, and so much more. No matter how much we’ve been yearning to see it this past year, it looks like it will have been well worth the wait.


The Green Knight hits theaters July 30.

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