The Grudge's New Red Band Trailer Is Legitimately the Stuff of Nightmares

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A ghost doing spooky shit.
A ghost doing spooky shit.
Image: Sony/Marvel

The shower is a place where one should be able to feel safe, but things like The Grudge’s latest red band trailer are what make it difficult to feel that way at times.

It’s not often that red band trailers actually end up feeling all that much more intense than their green band counterparts, but from the looks of things, The Grudge might end up being the exception that proves the rule.

It isn’t just that the new trailer is packed with eerie supernatural things, it’s that the mundane, everyday things featured in it are all grotesque, rotting, and all too believable. Andrea Riseborough’s detective Muldoon has no reason to be prepared for any of the wildly horrific mess she’s about the stumble into, and really, there’s no way that you are, either.


The Grudge, from director Nicolas Pesce, creeps into theaters on January 3.

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