The Hamster Rocket Is a Blast!

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Most hamsters are content to hang out on a wheel all day. The intrepid prefer a ball. But the truly courageous, they long to go where no hamster has gone before.


The Hamster Rocket Ship Funhouse allows your furry little rodent to pretend he has all the opportunity of a NASA astronaut, while simultaneously making your hamster into a viable "pew pewing" device. As Captain Cricetinae takes to the skies, he will encounter all sorts of odd beasts (cats, dogs, scary children with firecrackers), strange new worlds (bedrooms, bathrooms, and various orifices) and exotic foods (well, pretty much just those weird pellet things and tap water).

And it's only $6. [Your Pets and More via Nerd Approved]


Hello Mister Walrus

Did you ever consider that hamsters probably hate hamster balls, and will hate this thing even more? If they really wanted to hang out with you, they wouldn't scurry away the moment you let them go. So instead, why not put them in a plastic claustrophobic container and toy with any hope they had of achieving freedom. This rocket thing doesn't even allow them to roll around as in the ball. They will just sit there in a rocket-shaped box that is much smaller and has worse circulation then their cage. Good job nature boys.

(Only mostly sarcastic.)