The "Hang On" Outlet Reminds You To Unplug Your Gadgets

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Saving a little extra money on your next power bill is as easy as unplugging your power cables now and then. After all, those greedy gadgets keep sucking power from the grid even when not in use. Designer Paulo Oh has come up with an extremely simple solution to this problem with an outlet that includes hangers for your plugs. Naturally, this little feature means that you don't have to deal with cords lying all willy-nilly on the floor. It is only a concept at this point, but with this whole power conservation thing catching on, I wouldn't be surprised to see something similar available in the near future. [Yanko via Ubergizmo]


One switch per plug/outlet. No it doesn't draw power, it's off. It's a physical break in the circuit.

The switches need not be big. Some even come with a little light to show when they are on.