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The Harry Potter Musical In Its Entirety

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Celebrate the weekend right now, with the complete musical recreation of Harry Potter, all on YouTube. Everybody is there: Ron, Hermione and Cho Chang... who does a sexy dance.

This little production of multiple Harry Potter books/movies (titled HP The Musical) is pretty adorable. I especially enjoy all the "Cedric Diggory, who's that?" jokes... Ah, those were the days. The entire non-profit production (both acts) is up on YouTube, so go nuts - just don't get caught watching it at the office.


From YouTube, about the cast.

HP the Musical was written and produced in early 2009 by a bunch of college kids/recent grads through a non-profit student-run theatre company. It was a free show that ran for three nights (five performances) and will never be done again... but luckily we taped it so everyone can get a chance to enjoy its magical silliness. The songs were written by Darren Criss (who plays Harry Potter) and AJ Holmes (who plays piano in the band). The script was written by Matt Lang (who also directed the show), Nick Lang (who assistant directed and made the dragon puppet) and Brian Holden (who was busy working at a real job while the rest of us were making a goofy play).

HP the Musical was a completely non-for-profit unofficial parody show made by Potter-fans for Potter-fans. All of us involved love the books immensely (and strongly encourage everyone to read them if you haven't) and it is with the utmost admiration that we celebrate and poke fun at them with this musical inspired by our very favorite stories.

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