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The Hotel That Inspired The Shining Wants You to Design a Maze For It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado has the ... honor of being the inspiration behind The Shining. And as a way to further connect the real hotel to the fictional Overlook Hotel, the management has announced that it will build a a 61,500 square foot hedge maze inspired by the one in Kubrick's film.

The competition ends on January 31st, and is open to anyone. So if you have a burning desire to have your name associated with a place where people are going to pretend to be dead for years to come, the instructions can be found at the Stanley Hotel's website.


Seriously, though, the first snow in Estes Park after the maze is built is going to be full of people running around reenacting the climax of The Shining. That is going to get very annoying, very quickly. And what if people actually die doing it? And the hotel becomes for reals haunted? It'll be a feedback loop of inspiration, and King'll have to write another book about that place.

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