The House Where Nightmares Are Born

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A peek into Guillermo del Toro's Los Angeles home shows a hallway stuffed with night terrors, masks, and dreamlike Hellboy props.

Wired Magazine has a lovely interview with the producer, director and writer, including this picture of his home. Can you imagine being one of his children and growing up there? I'm completely jealous.

Also in the article is a long sidebar where GDT goes through and lists his future movie projects, and ranks the likelihood they'll ever get made, with the number of unicorns representing the chances we'll ever see it. The two films with the smallest amount of unicorns are the rumored stop-motion recreation of Roald Dahl's The Witches and the Del Toro and Neil Gaiman collaborative Doctor Strange project. Which is sad because if anyone could translate the mystical childlike fear from a Dahl book onto the screen (again), it's del Toro.