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The iPhone Gets Cloned Again

Illustration for article titled The iPhone Gets Cloned Again

Remember that Michael Keaton movie where he clones himself, but every time he makes a new one the clones get dumber and dumber? Well, these iPhone clones are kind of like that. The newest Chinese duplicate of Apple's prize phone is called the P168. Incidentally, in case you're wondering why it's called 168, the numbers 168 sounds phonetically similar to a "get rich" phrase when you pronounce in Chinese, kind of like how high school broads say "h8" in all their text messages to Travis.


It has six speakers for "surround sound," 3.5-inch touchscreen, face keys, 1.3-megapixel camera (even though it SAYS 2.0-megapixels on the back), microSD slot, and various other things that aren't nearly even as good as the Meizu Mini One—which our commenters have dubbed the Jeezus! phone.


iPhone? [Phone Daily via New Launches via Uber Phones]

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We are surprised it is not called the iFone... reminds us of the $20 Rolec we once purchased on the streets of NYC.