Meizu MiniOne Specs Revealed: It's Actually Got Some Juice

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If you thought the only thing going for the Meizu MiniOne was the fact that it looks like an iPhone, well, you'd be wrong. The recently released specs show that it's actually got a lot of stuff going for it besides its software design.


The MiniOne will have a 533Mhz Samsung processor, 128MB of DDR SDRAM, TFT touchscreen, 720x480 resolution, 3-megapixel back camera, 0.3-megapixel front camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DMB TV Tuner, GPS, video output, AVI/MPEG4/WMV support, and a 4GB to 16GB size.

The best part? It's only going to be about $260 for the 4GB version and $450 for the 16GB version. Are you excited yet? We are.

MiniOne, the telephone by Meizu [Akihabara News via Uber Phones]



People shouldn't be just going on specs and features alone. What about its usability? If the UI isn't intuitive and easy to use, then all those features are just a waste of money.

While I'll wait for the iPhone to come out before I make my purchasing decision, useability is definitely an area where Apple has been very good at in the past. This is why the iPod is as successful as it is despite having competitors that, on paper, have better specs and features.

I hope Apple will transform the cellphone industry as it did with MP3s because the UI for most of the currently mobile phones are crap. In the end, no matter what each of us decide to go with, we all win from the competition.