The Kindle Should Use Ricoh's New Color E-Ink Screen

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I think e-ink is one of those fantastic retro-future technologies that is so cool because it's so simple. But, inevitably, I'm going to want some color. Thankfully, Ricoh has just developed a new color e-paper screen that's better than ever.


It's supposed to offer 4x the color range of whatever's available now and give 2.5x the brightness (which'll allow for cleaner images and text). The display uses a "simple laminating element structure, forming three electrochromic layers between two substrates". Like e-ink displays before it, the new Ricoh screen doesn't require any backlighting and uses very little power. Hopefully, some people stick with e-ink panels and will adopt this screen soon. Ahem, Amazon. [SlashGear]



I've been holding out on getting a digital picture frame until this tech becomes available.

PLEASE put this in a picture frame.