The Large Hadron Collider Makes Beautiful Terrifying Music

When we're not using the Large Hadron Collider to smash particle beams together or daydream about time travel, we might as well turn it into a musical instrument right? Great! Except that its tunes are purely hellspawn.


Of course, these aren't the actual sounds made by the LHC itself. Instead, LHCsound has turned the properties of the Higgs jet into one creeptastic jingle:

A jet is made up of lots of cells containing energy deposits. Each cell has an energy, a distance and an angular distance (dR) associated with it. So each cell can be heard as a separate note in this example. This is quite a long track (about 90 seconds). The sounds reduce in density very much towards the end, with isolated events separated by silences of several seconds.

Intriguing! And definitive proof that while the LHC hasn't ended the world yet, it's definitely plotting. [LHCsound via Reddit]



I still don't understand what the LHC is supposed to do.

I wish that Giz would do one of those "Giz Explains with easy words" for us simpletons.