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The Last Jedi Now Has a Hilarious Unofficial Theme Song by Mountain Goats' John Darnielle

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ever since Episode VIII of the Star Wars saga got a real title, folks have been wondering who the titular “Last Jedi” might be. According to a little ditty cooked up by the film’s director Rian Johnson and Mountain Goats lead singer John Darnielle, he’s the one who eats the bones of all the other Jedi. Well, of course.

Today on Twitter, Johnson shared a track that Darnielle recorded as a silly goof, a tune that imagines a young padawan being told about the Last Jedi.


As someone who did a whole album about pro wrestling and wrote a novel about a reclusive role-playing game designer, Darnielle’s no stranger to geeky passions. The Last Jedi in the song sounds like the kind of boogeyman that wannabe lightsaber-wielders would cook up to scare each other while telling tales around a campfire. Kylo Ren, however, probably thinks he’s real and wants to be his best friend.