The Latest Batman V. Superman Rumor Has A Surprising Wonder Woman Twist

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Now we know when we'll learn the truth about Peter Quill's father. Peter Mayhew makes bold claims about Star Wars: Episode VII. The premiere of Agents of SHIELD will bring back a old foe. And 12 Monkeys, The Flash, and Bitten all add new characters and cast. Spoilers now!


Top image: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v. Superman

Apparently, the touch of gray in Ben Affleck's temples in the first photos of him from the set is fairly subtle, given how old some anonymous sources indicate this Bruce Wayne is supposed to be. From Badass Digest:

My sources indicate that when BvS opens Batman has existed for close to thirty years, which would place Wayne in his 50s (which is why I expected more grey in Affleck's hair). In this version Batman is still an urban legend, a creature of the night, and no one has ever taken his picture. But he's had plenty of adventures, and the Batcave includes a memorial centered around a tattered Robin costume.

Apparently, Superman's appearance in Man of Steel makes him one of the last, not the first, superheroes on the scene. Because Wonder Woman's also been around for a while when Batman v. Superman starts:

By the way, my sources tell me that Wonder Woman has also been in operation for some time before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice begins, and her activities have been just as secretive as Batman's. Her activities were badass as well... but in a very different, and unexpected, way.

As always with unsourced rumors, keep the salt handy. [Badass Digest]

Here's a set video showing the set up of a stunt involving Bruce Wayne and the rescue of a small girl from the collapsing of a large piece of the Wayne Financial building in what looks like Metropolis rather than Gotham. [ Movieweb via Comic Book Resources]

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

We're back to speculating about how the movies will tackle Peter Quill's father, and it certainly seems to be pointing in a direction away from the comics and towards something pretty major. Kevin Fegie told IGN:

I think it's pretty important. I think there's a reason we seeded it at the very end of the film like that. I think that would certainly be part of a next Guardians adventure. Certainly, that would be part of it.


Feige continued that he believes that the reveal will come in Guardians 2. He added:

I think that's pretty important for James [Gunn] and would be appropriate in a [Guardians movie]. I don't think you'd spoil that in Cap 3.


[ IGN]

Star Wars: Episode VII

Peter Mayhew said this movie "will be the best Star Wars film I will have seen" at Wizard World San Antonio. Mayhew also said that the film will have "no, or very little, computer generated effects and will instead be very practical." And, in something we've heard from the set before, he added that everything we've heard about Harrison Ford's injury isn't true. [blastr]


Avengers: Age of Ultron

Speaking at Nerd HQ, Joss Whedon explained how the events of Captain America 2 would influence the Avengers sequel, saying:

The fact is, Ultron is a clear and present danger and Bucky's in the wind. We do mention the fact that that is [Captain America's] primary thing, but he is also working with the Avengers, too. We're not ignoring it, but he definitely has to deal with a mad eight-foot robot, because that's one of those things, you put it off and it just gets worse.


You can see the full interview at the link. [ Nerd HQ via Comic]

Prisoner of War

Coming off of his turn as Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy, Lee Pace is replacing Alex Russell as the star of Prisoner of War, about American soldier and a French foreign aid worker (Bérénice Marlohe) who work together in Africa amid humankind's last stand against an alien invasion. [Deadline]


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Megan Fox revealed in an interview with Coming Soon that Baxter Stockman will be appearing in the film in a small role. Laying groundwork for the future, maybe? See the interview at the link. [Coming Soon]


Go here for 25 stills from the film. [Coming Soon]

Here's a clip of the turtles beatboxing. We're just going to leave this here without comment. [ Yahoo!]


Purge 3/Monster Squad/Friday the 13th

While Platinum Dunes producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller say their Monster Squad project is dead, they did hint at making a third Purge movie,and the status of their Friday the 13th:

BRAD FULLER: Well, it's called the annual Purge for a reason, so it should stand to reason.

ANDREW FORM: We're not working on a third one yet. But, we have Friday the 13th for next year. We're developing the script.


Although they also said they hadn't "cracked the tone" of the film. [ Collider]

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Here are Max Landis' tweets teasing the project. [via Sci Fi Now]


After the announcement, he started posting intentionally obtuse tweets about Dirk Gently. After pretending he had no idea about the source material for a while, he finished:


Sleepy Hollow

Here's a video of Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, and the executive producers talking about season two's Pied Piper and the problem with the Kindred. [ BuddyTV]

Here are the titles for episodes 2.08-2.10:

  • Episode 2.08 - "Heartless"
  • Episode 2.09 - "Mama"
  • Episode 2.10 - "Magnum Opus"


Agents of SHIELD

A source tells io9 that the premiere will see the return of Adrian Pasdar's Glenn Talbot, and that the second episode will guest star Kyle MacLachlan as "The Doctor."


We also have a few behind the scenes photos from Ming-Na Wen. [via SpoilerTV]



A source who's seen some callsheets for the Netflix series says Rosario Dawson is playing a character named "Claire T." Sound like anyone we know?


Orphan Black

Patrick J. Adams hinted that he may return to the series for the next season:

TVLINE | I was so pleasantly surprised and delighted by your Orphan Black guest spot. The character and interaction was not what I was expecting at all.

Yeah, that's what we were going for. I told them that I would do anything to be on the show – whatever. I just wanted to work with [Tatiana Maslany] and support the show as best I could. When I saw the part come up, I thought, "This is going to be a really fun, strange thing to do that's very different from what I get to do the rest of the time." She's just such a tremendous actor and to get to play off against what I think is her most extreme clone was a treat. It seems like something that the fans really enjoyed, as well. I had a great time. I tweeted my way onto the show in the first place. Now I'm trying to tweet my way back on the show, start a "Bring Jesse Back" movement.

TVLINE | I was going to ask you if we should start the Twitter campaign now.

Yes. I haven't figured out the hashtag yet. I'll let the fans decide. The Internet is far more creative than I am. But I've already got a lot of tweets, social media support. People really seem to really want Jesse to come back and help Helena out of her rut, and it would be an honor to do so. Hopefully, that's something the writers are interested in doing.


[TV Line]

Person of Interest

Joining the cast is Monique Curnen in the recurring role of Captain Felicia Moren, Fusco's new captain. [TV Line]


The Flash

The show is casting Tony Woodward/Girder as a recurring villain for Barry, and has him as a former bully of young Barry's and "a grinning lunkhead who loves destruction," an "unstoppable force… who can transmute any part of his body into solid steel." He'll first show up in episode six. [TV Line]


12 Monkeys

There's been some more casting for the Syfy show. Lyriq Bent (Rookie Blue) will play Dr. Henri, "a brilliant and cutting edge virologist." Todd Stashwick (The Originals) will play Deacon, "the cunning leader of a brutal band of scavengers in the year 2043 called The West 7." And Deacon's followers came from fusing a "survival of the fittest" attitude with burning down the last government quarantine zones.


Also joining the cast is Demore Barnes (Hemlock Grove) as Whitley, "one of the last remaining soldiers of the American military in 2043" who guards the facility housing Project Splinter. Lastly, Romina D'Ugo (Nikita) will play Max, who grew up in the post-apocalypse and never knew the time before the plague. [TV Line]


In more casting news, the show's adding a coven of witches, lead by Tammy Isbell as Ruth Winterbourne. Also in the coven is Tommie Amber Pirie as Winterbourne's outspoken daughter Paige and Kiara Glasco and Savannah Levine, "a young witch who's easily swayed." [Space]



Here's a sneak peek at episode eight, "Beware Those Closest to You":

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

And here's one for "Great and Unfortunate Things":

The Lottery

Go here for more photos from episode four, "Genie." [SpoilerTV]

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