The Laughing He-Man Meme Is Finally Getting the Action Figure It Rightly Deserves

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We can cancel San Diego Comic-Con 2018 now. I’m not sure anything at the con can top this.

Today, Super7 announced its bushel of Masters of the Universe retro exclusives for Comic-Con 2018, and there’s some fun stuff—ReAction styled She-Ra, Princess of Power figures, little collectible She-Ra miniatures, and then... oh, and then. Then there’s the laughing Prince Adam, in all his glorious merriment.


In scale with the rest of Super7's Masters of the Universe toys, this meme-tastic take on Prince Adam features a fabulous paint job (including a new pink version of the power sword to raise above his head) as well as an amazing new sculpt recreating the character’s iconic—well, at least the very specific—laugh animation from the 1980s He-Man animated series . But really, we all know this figure is really based on the infamous SlackCircus viral video, which mashed up footage from the beloved cartoon, including the laugh, to give us Prince Adam’s fabulous cover of the 1992 classic from 4 Non Blondes, “What’s Up”:

God, remember when the Internet was this, and not a hell hole full of people attempting to preach civil discourse with fascists? Good times.

Anyway, laughing Prince Adam—who comes encased in an appropriately rainbow-glitter covered box—will be available only at Super7's pop-up event during Comic-Con 2018: a recreation of Hordak’s Lair from He-Man and She-Ra that’ll be outside of the convention on 8th Avenue in San Diego. It’s a lair worth braving for such a delightful reward.