The Leather-Clad Ladies Of GI Joe Talk About Their Superhero Dreams

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Perhaps the biggest selling point for G.I. Joe is the ladies who manage to kick ass in skin-tight leather. We talked to the live-action Baroness and Scarlett about their epic girl-fight, and which characters they'd don the catsuit for again.


How did you two find a balance as the only women warriors amidst a team of guys?

Sienna Miller: We had each other, which really helped. And also, the boys were really gracious, and the characters really stood up on their own. We kind of held our own.

You both wear very restrictive outfits, what was it like running and jumping and kicking in those skin tight getups?

Rachel Nichols: It was amazing to put them on. We saw them when they were being made, and when they were being drawn up and created. And then you put them on, and you know we had to have people help us in and out of them and we also sort of had different sized suits. The hero suits were always pristine and very, very tight but there were some with...

Miller: ...Elastic panels so we could move.

Nichols: I had to sort of lie down, and then I had to pull the legs up and then pull the boots up and sort of squirm into it, and then I had to put on that shell. That really hard rubberized shell on over it.


Big blockbuster films like this end up cutting a lot, was there anything you wished they'd kept in after the final cut, or stuff you can't wait to see more of later maybe on the DVD?

Miller: I wanted more of our fight.

Nichols: Our fight was about a 90-move fight that got cut down to about 40 moves.


Miller: We want more of our fight, because we worked so hard on it and it's a really cool fight.

Nichols: And it's the only time we got to work together in the whole film — when we fighting each other — so we'd like more of that.


Did either of you accidentally knock out the other one?

Nichols: I took a real stiff punch to the head from her stunt double. I went down in a blaze of glory, and sort of crying a bit.


You are both really starting to generate buzz in the genre world, which means lots of speculation on superhero characters, what's the most ridiculous rumor you've ever heard about a superhero part you were up for?

Miller: I heard that I was going to be Barbarella, but it wasn't true.

Nichols: There was something about Wonder Woman, I think at one point.

Miller: Oh, maybe it was Wonder Woman. It was Wonder Woman.

Nichols: You and I both had a rumor about Wonder Woman, fantastic.

Is there any Superhero you would want to play?

Miller: Wonder Woman.

Nichols: I would play Wonder Woman — that's the strange thing about it. I like the superhero genre, I would like the chance to play a bad supervillain, I must say.


Miller: I wouldn't mind Catwoman. I would quite love to be Catwoman in a Chris Nolan adaptation, that would be an amazing role.



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