Unlike traditional escalators, the Levytator's steps follows freeform curves which enables it to bend and turn like no escalator can. With the Levytator, it's no longer just up and down.


What's even more unique is that the Levytator doesn't have any "redundant" steps. Meaning that the steps you use to go up are the same set of steps you use to go down. In typical escalators, if you go up, you're using one set of steps. If you're going down, you're using another. Each set of steps are independent of another and always pulled back up or down underneath the steps you're actually standing on.

But with the Levytator, there's nothing that needs to be pulled underneath, it can "utilize a continuous loop" which allows the Levytator to "follow any path upwards, flatten and straighten out, and descend once more". Watch the video above, if your traditional escalator using self can't imagine such a thing.

I've seen simple curved escalators before, but none as brain tickling as the Levytator. I'm kinda excited to ride it. [City University London via Wired]

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