The Life Story of the Man Writing Steve Jobs' Life Story

Walter Isaacson is the man tasked to write iSteve: The Book of Jobs, which of course is the official, authorized, biography of Steve Jobs. But who in the hell is Walter Isaacson, you ask?

Long story short, Isaacson is an extremely accomplished writer and editor who wriggled his way into this gig by persistently working the right social channels and convincing Jobs he was up to the challenge. Isaacson was born in New Orleans in 1952, went to Harvard and Oxford, and spent the large part of his career rising through the ranks of Time magazine, where he ultimately ended up as managing editor. In 2001, he left Time to become chairman of CNN (where he apparently hated it), and then in 2003 became the president of the Aspen Institute, a high-minded social club. In between, he's managed to crank out books on Albert Einstein and Henry Kissenger, among others.


And now he has full access to the past and present life of Steve Jobs, which considering the secrecy the Apple CEO operates under, is nothing short of incredible. [Fortune]