The List of Google's Paid Bloggers Is Way Less Fun Than We Wanted It to Be

Illustration for article titled The List of Googles Paid Bloggers Is Way Less Fun Than We Wanted It to Be

Well, to be fair, any list of bloggers is going to be less fun than any expectation you could possibly have for it. (And your expectations for a blogger list better be pretty low to begin with.) But this list of who commented on the Oracle vs. Google trial, while also being paid by Google? Dud.


There's a Stanford professor, Mark Lemley. Which, great. But weren't you hoping to hear some names you actually recognize? JIMMY BRESLIN WORKS FOR GOOGLE. JUDITH MILLER. I ALWAYS KNEW KYLE WAGNER WAS A SCHILL. And so on. Oh well. You'll find the full list below. [Verge]


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