The lovely process of making the most intricate wooden cutting boards

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Cutting boards don’t just have to be the thing you put on your kitchen counter and chop meat on, they can be beautiful intricate pieces of art too. Just look at the incredible work and detail it takes to make one of these end grain cutting boards from Larch Wood. In this video by Stereokroma, you get to see how it starts from a log to how it gets heat dried to how the pattern gets selected and how each board ends up with such a unique, oiled up design.

It’s really fascinating. Sterekroma writes:

This video takes you through the entire manufacturing process, starting from the logs out into the yard, to the finished oiled product. At the end, watch the self healing nature of the end grain cutting boards in action and learn about how to take care and maintain one of these boards. For a typical home kitchen, end grain boards should last a lifetime and more!


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