The LumaHelm Is a Bike Helmet That Acts Like Turn Signals

Illustration for article titled The LumaHelm Is a Bike Helmet That Acts Like Turn Signals

Riding a bike? Great! Riding a bike at night? Possibly dangerous. And even though dressing yourself in bright colors while wrapping 3M and reflective gear around your body is effective, illuminating your noggin is something bike riders don't do enough of. The LumaHelm would fix that.


Sure, you might look like a giant glow in the dark caterpillar but the rows of light on lights are actually super useful. They can act as brake lights for when you stop, turn signals when you want to make a turn and anything else you want to do (a middle finger for cars who ignore bikers?) because it's an interactive helmet.

Made by Wouter Walmink, Alan Chatham and Floyd Mueller of Exertion Game Labs, the LumaHelm uses an accelerometer to determine what signal to blink out from a simple head tilt. It's a working prototype that hopefully can become mainstream. [YouTube via Fashioning Tech via UberGizmo]


The turn and brake signals are a good idea but I think a lot of drivers wouldn't see a biker/walker/etc even if they had a exploding nuclear bomb strapped to their backs. It's not that the b/w/e can't be seen, it's that the drivers aren't LOOKING. That fact messes up an otherwise cool and useful helmet.