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Do you play a ukulele? Do you like lunchboxes? If you answered "Yes" to those two questions and are over the age of 10, you are probably never going to be on the cover of GQ Magazine. Nevertheless, Box-A-Lele combines your two favorite hobbies to form the LunchBox-A-Lele, which is exactly what it sounds like.

By sticking a Ukulele on a lunchbox, you can play your favorite Patridge Family tunes on an actual Patridge Family lunchbox. You just can't store your lunch inside, because opening up the box would destroy your instrument. Oh well!


Update: Looks like you can store your lunch in there. The strings and stuff are attached to the back of the lunchbox, keeping the actual lid free for all your tuna sandwiches.

LunchBox-A-Lele [BoxALele]