The Mactini: The Inevitable Future of Apple in a Post-Netbook World

Who could have guessed that the most prescient technologist of our day would be a relatively unknown British sketch comedian?


Peter Serafinowicz, of the possibly acclaimed Peter Serafinowicz Show, has put together a couple videos in the style of Apple's stodgy online product demonstration videos, imagining two new products from the company. The iToilet, below, is relatively uninspired (it's funny because it's impossible, and something to do with bathrooms! Ha!) but the Mactini is kind of fantastic. Not to mention Serafinowicz's wonderfully convincing half-Jobs, half-generic-demo-guy character, who is only a wandering eye outside of fitting right into Apple's product tour rotation. UPDATE: It turns out that Serafinowsicz is partially responsible for the hilarious Look Around You series, so this sketch is no fluke. The vids are taken from his forthcoming Christmas special sketch show, which you can preview here. [Cult of Mac]



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