The Making of the Eames Lounge Chair

I'm not a furniture snob but I find myself turning into one as I keep watching this making of the Eames Lounge Chair. I'm not satisfied with a glimpse though! I want to see the whole process, from the curving of the base to setting up the ottoman, and I want to save enough money to buy one. [Vitra Project via Hypebeast]



Y'know, the Eames Lounge Chair vexes me. It's so gorgeous, such an iconic design. And yet, whenever I've tried one out, I come away thinking that I wouldn't actually want to lounge in one. The problem for me is that I like a chair to support my head if I'm going to just relax and watch TV or read, and the back on the Eames doesn't come up high enough on me to do that. It's a shame, because I would dearly love to have one for the aesthetics.