The Man Wall

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If you still don't know what you're getting Dad for Father's Day, HybridSpace Furniture has come up with an all-in-one home entertainment "Man Wall," which includes gadgets that are stereotypically man.


A 52'' Vizio LCD HDTV is the wall's centerpiece, with two smaller flat panels, a Panasonic 5.1 home theater system, DVD player, CD changer, iPod docking station, and surround-sound speakers around it. That's not all though—there's also a wine rack, microwave, cigar humidors, and a refrigerated built-in beer keg with a tap for an ice cold brewski. All it's missing is a BBQ grill, porn collection and your girlfriend, telling you to do the dishes while she changes the channel to watch Oprah as your team scores the winning touchdown. [HybridSpace Furniture via ElectronicHouse]

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I am a firm believer in having His and Her own spaces and if he wants this in His space, so be it.

(I love the beer keg, thats like the man-icing on the cake.)