The Mind-Bending Comic Mind MGMT Is Coming Back In a Very Weird (and Cool) Way

Mind MGMT is back, just not in the way you’d expect.
Mind MGMT is back, just not in the way you’d expect.
Image: Dark Horse

Matt Kindt’s beloved Dark Horse series about a young crime writer thrust into a world of superspies and superpowers came to an end three years ago—but now it’s coming back. Except, it’s not in the way you might expect, because it’s doing so with a new Kickstarter project io9 can exclusively reveal today.


Matt Kindt is launching a crowdfunding initiative to release an all-new one-shot comic set in the Mind MGMT universe—and a retro-styled vinyl record read-along version of the story to go with it. The comic itself (written and illustrated by Kindt) will focus on Lyme, a rogue secret agent looking to expose his former employees who was a major character in the original series—but the story is designed as a standalone that can both introduce readers to Mind MGMT’s world while offering some cool little Easter eggs for fans to hunt down.

A gatefold at the back of the comic will hold the read-along version of the same story, printed on a 7-inch 33 1/3 RPM record, meant to be listened to as you read the comic in the vein of classic children’s read-along records that Kindt and many others grew up with.

The full cover for the comic/record release.
The full cover for the comic/record release.
Image: Matt Kindt (Dark Horse)

However, instead of just being an audio version of the story in the new comic, the record is designed to subvert what you’re reading on the page when played alongside, making for a dissonant experience that changes your interpretation of the comic while you’re still reading it. Very appropriate for a series about psychic abilities and weird spies! The record itself will feature voice work from Clint McElroy, comic book writer and father to Adventure Zone hosts Griffin, Justin, and Travis McElroy, and himself a self-professed fan of Kindt’s work on Mind MGMT.

The Kickstarter campaign for Mind MGMT’s return begins today and is looking to raise $12,500 over the next 30 days. Multiple tiers are available—with just $5 netting you a digital version of the comic and audio, and $25 to get the basic physical version—to back, with 10 percent of the profits from the Kickstarter going to the Hispanic Federation, a nonprofit supporting Latino families and Puerto Rico’s ongoing recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Irma. Details on backer tiers can be found at the link below.





Let’s hope that the vinyl comes with digital audio download code so that this incredibly niche project remains accessible to those of us who made a choice between filling our apartments with comics and filling our apartments with vinyl. I’m suddenly curious how many of the free-range obsessives out there do both.

Hard to believe that no one has thought to make a quirky read-along comic for adults before, but it sounds like the perfect convergence of comics, pod-casting, and nostalgia for vintage kitsch.

And this could be a killer fan-fiction format, especially now that thought balloons and voiceover captions have largely fallen out of fashion. “Click here to download the secret inner monologue of Steve Rogers. Peek beneath the mighty shield of repression at a man whose private self remains sadly unthawed.” “This is a faithful dramatization of the comic, save that we have systematically replaced the prefix ‘bat-’ with ‘dank’.”

Brave new world.