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The Minimalist, Lightweight Knife

Illustration for article titled The Minimalist, Lightweight Knife

These tiny, lightweight knives might make the perfect pocket knife for everyday use, and they're no doubt great for travel. Note: Probably not on planes.


Manufactured by Baladeo, the knife is available in two featherweight varieties, 22g and 34g, and performed pretty well in basic knife-related tasks (although, as Boing Boing notes, they are not workhorses).

The only "minor" issue they discovered while using the knife was that the locking mechanism slipped once and folded in such a way that it could have conceivably cut the tester's fingers. But it didn't! Still, if you procure one of these barely-there bad boys keep that tidbit in mind, especially when carving up heartier tasks. [Cool Tools via Boing Boing]

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MAKE2 Mifune

Locking mechanism looks very weak and looks like there really isn't much to grip with that knife, making it useless for anything other than opening packages and very light cutting duties. That knife = sliced fingers.

I like carrying around my SOG Aegis- it's slim, has a great locking mechanism, assisted open mechanism, and I can get good leverage and grip with it.