The Most Amazing Gmail Glitch Is Flooding Some Poor Guy's Hotmail

You probably noticed Gmail was down for a while. David S. Peck probably wishes that Gmail was still down. Because right now, a glitch is causing thousands of misdirected emails to be sent to his personal Hotmail account.


Right now, when you search for Gmail in Google, one of the top results (the one that reads "Email") takes you to a compose window that strangely has a Hotmail address already in the "To" field. TechCrunch was the first to notice it, but several of us here at Gizmodo have been able to reproduce the incredibly bizarre bug for ourselves—and you can too! Just look.

After connecting the dots, TechCrunch found out it belongs to one David S. Peck: the internet's most popular inbox owner. He's confirmed that he is indeed receiving thousands of emails, the majority of which are blank. According to TechCrunch:

The issue actually started yesterday, he says, and he contacted Hotmail support this morning to try to get help. Ironically, he asked them to contact him at his alternate email address, which is Gmail.

Funnily enough, Gmail's reliability team just happened to be hosting a Reddit AMA today. Perhaps Mr. Peck will have better luck over there. [TechCrunch]

Update 5:05pm EST:

Fortunately for David S. Peck, it looks like Google has fixed the search bug. Although we imagine that Mr. Peck will probably be getting himself a new Hotmail address regardless.


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