The Most Beautiful Fireworks Show in China Is Literally a Blacksmith Throwing Molten Metal Around

Fireworks, which were invented in China, are obviously a big deal in China. But no fireworks show in any part of the country and very probably the world can match the sheer spectacle and beautiful audacity of the fireworks show in Nuanquan, China. That’s because it’s more of a molten metal show. A blacksmith, wearing only a big hat and a sheepskin vest, just starts throwing and scoop tossing molten metal all against the wall of the city to let it sparkle and rain fire. It’s crazy! It’s so dangerous! It’s so awesome.


The metal is melted at 2900 degrees Fahrenheit and then just tossed all around for the most spectacular fireworks show that could possibly exist. The locals do this because of tradition. Previously, fireworks were reserved for the rich. To replicate the effect, the poor collected scrap metal, melted it all down, and slapped the molten metal against the wall. Clever, I guess?

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