The Most Beautiful Online Magazine We've Ever Seen

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Edits is a magazine about photography. There are a million magazines about photography—the world doesn't need anymore. But the world needs every magazine that gives a damn about technology to ripoff Edits. It's stunningly beautiful.


The "magazine,", retains the basic familiarity and friendliness of a paper magazine. There are pages. The pages move from one to another. But other than that, this thing is purely web. The print aspect melts away and you're presented with nothing but visual materials.

Slides actually slide, as if they're passing before you—the resolution and color is wonderful. Text is formatted perfectly, informative and clear. All of this is controlled with mere twitches on the arrow keys, no scrolling required. At no point do you ever feel like you're using a computer, reading a magazine, or browsing a website—it doesn't feel like there's any medium at all.

And it doesn't even use flash! Publishers: if you want us to read things on a laptop, phone, or tablet, stare at this site until your eyeballs dry out. [Edits Quarterly]



Wow, some of the current web UI craze is staring to get picked up everywhere!

The keayboard-nav-scrolling-full-page-/parallax thing has been massive so its nice to see it simplified and with some nice typography.

It's interesting to hear some of the Giz comments about the viewing on different devices here. The main point being: web = vertical vs ios/tablet = horizontal and the learned behaviors of devices.

No CSS3 shadows! poor show.