The Most Charming Alien Invasion You'll Ever Witness

When an alien from the distant planet Hondo comes to Earth with a plan to destroy all civilization, he does what any Earth-invading alien would do: He joins a bluegrass band. That's the plot of the 2013 film The History of Future Folk, and it's every bit as delightfully campy as it sounds.

While the film is a sweet little romp, the music in the film is truly excellent, thanks to the real band Future Folk, who sing like the Flight of the Concords and look like Tenacious D. The band has been playing together for years—including a nationwide tour this summer!—so should you want to have an actual close encounter with General Trius and The Mighty Kevin, check to see if they're coming to a city near you. Meanwhile, you can rent the film on iTunes, Amazon or Netflix.


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