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The Most Complicated Way to Take a Picture Is with This Rube Goldberg Machine

To be fair, they managed to take two pictures! But boy did it take them some time. There's at least a gazillion gorillapods, reflectors, flash cards, soft lights, cameras, printers and balls involved in this bat-shit crazy Rube Goldberg Machine.


2D Photography, the photography company who built it all, said it was pretty much hell to create. Every estimate was too conservative, every project was hard to build and every section was uncooperative. But no matter! I just loved how they incorporated photography equipment throughout the machine.

Here's a behind the scenes video of them explaining how they did what they did and what their inspiration was. [2D Photography via Oh Have You Seen This]

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I loved identifying all the parts as they showed up. The hammer coming down in the row of lenses made me flinch. I give them the award for best use of a gorillapod ever, because I've never really found a good use for them.