The Most Dangerous Meme: Making Your Pet Play with Your Phone

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Screw ghost riding the whip, forget flash mobs. There's a new internet craze threatening our children: taunting lizards and amphibians with fake food on your smartphone. Sure it's cute when they're crushing virtual insects but it's not so cute when they attack your finger.

How many people thought that bearded dragon playing Ant Crusher with his tongue was funny? Everyone! So this genius decided to one up the lizard owner by letting an African Bull Frog play the same game and repeatedly bash its face against the screen so it could taste the sweet juicyness of an ant. Of course the frog doesn't know there is no sweet juicyness and it's all lolcats and roflcopters for us humans. Ho ho! So funny (it is really funny actually)... until the African Bull Frog tries to bite off your freaking finger.


People. Remember, these reptiles we're teasing with our fancy technology and virtual games are literally cold-blooded killers. They ain't got no time for games! It's life or death for them. You know what the great Internet Reference Site (ahem, Wikipedia) says about African Bull Frogs?

The African Bullfrog is carnivorous and a voracious eater, eating insects, small rodents, reptiles, small birds and other amphibians. This frog is also aggressive and has been known to bite. An African bullfrog kept at the Pretoria Zoo in South Africa once ate 17 baby cobras. They emit a loud croaking sound.


Are you freaking kidding me? You're playing games with a frog that is aggressive and voracious? SEVENTEEN BABY COBRAS? Do not tempt fate. Don't screw with nature. Stop participating in this most dangerous meme*. [YouTube via Geekosystem]

*But really keep participating so we can see fingers bitten off, skin scratched and cobras eaten.