The Most Epic Treehouse Ever Constructed

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My childhood self just passed out from excitement. This thing is 11 stories and 90 feet tall, and it's growing ever-larger. Seriously, I want to live here so badly.

Be sure to follow the link for more pictures of this crazy thing. [ZuZu Top via Make]

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JrsyDevil's Advocate®

Only in Tennessee could you get away with something like this. Try building one around here in the Tri-State area. First there's the permits. The expenses will rack up fast on a project like this so you'd be tempted to use day laborers and it wouldn't be long before reps from the woodworkers local come knocking at your door. Then you'd struggle with union vs. non-union labor. Refusing the union will most likely result in an increase of 'accidents' during construction, shipping delays and shortages of materials.

Later, once it's finally completed the town assessor will be around to re-evaluate your property. After all, they have to get their cut too. The resulting tax increase will most likely bankrupt you. Then comes the inevitable seizure of your property and eviction by the state. Your home goes into foreclosure, gets purchased by a developer who has the entire lot bulldozed to make room for one and two bedroom condos. #treehouse