The Most Mind-Bogglingly Awful Line on Last Night's Scorpion

In the ongoing saga of the "special" kid who helps the mentally-enabled Scorpion team, we got this gem. It turns out that the boss mental enabler Walter taught genius child Ralph how to be "ten encryptions deep" on a game. But that's not the worst thing!


As Ralph tells the mean government agent in this scene, Walter also taught him "decryption!" But "he didn't know it was bad." That's right kids — everything related to encryption is bad. No need for you to have private data. And you'd certainly never want to verify someone's identity. I mean, you're a kid, so you should probably trust everybody online.

This was just the cherry on top of a plot with the substance and coherence of whipped cream. Let me try to lay it all out for you. So there's this game, which is based on real life, and some bad guys got into it and killed some good guys in a safe house. And Ralph found the game, wading through those "ten encryptions," thanks to Walter, who wanted to show Ralph "the brightest minds on the web." Who are apparently all posting unreleased versions of games to a darknet internet website, because that's how game development works.

Then Ralph teamed up with another kid and a secret bad guy to start writing the game. Which also meant that he was leaking CIA data somehow. Anyway, it all led to Ralph guiding Walter through real life using the game, and encryptions, and some con full of evil haX0rz that was half Defcon, half PAX, all WTF.

How, exactly, the leaked CIA data wound up in the game was never entirely clear. But who cares because Walter said he was sorry about something and we all learned about how the darknet is full of encryptions and videogames really can kill.

Thank you, Scorpion, for another valuable lesson in techno science things.



Should I start watching this? Should I run away? Your recaps tend to make it sound like both.