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The Moto 360's Battery Life Has Gotten Way Better

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Moto 360 is the best Android Wear watch, and it just got better. A recent update has done wonders for its battery life, which had been the biggest knock against it.

The Moto 360's battery life was never bad, but it wasn't great either, thanks in part to its wildly old and not particularly efficient processor. But an update that hit this past weekend has made things much, much better. I've been wearing the 360 ever since it came out. While I still charge it nightly, I've seen my battery at 40-45 percent at the end of a 16-ish hour day of ambient-mode-off use, where previously it would be down to 15-20 percent.


I'm not the only one either; the folks over at Droid-Life did some more intense stress testing that bears out my anecdotal observations, and (occasionally kinda fanboy-y) owners are reporting better battery life as well. We've updated our review, and we'll continue to put the Moto 360 to the test; I just turned on ambient mode to see how far it'll get me.